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Masters of the Way - Sid Woodcock

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Master Sid Woodcock was high-level CIA. He was an expert in the rapid penetration of hardened high security facilities, and he organized, trained, and led covert teams behind enemy lines. He invented a hypersonic canon 'shell within a shell' that was developed for the army. He was an explosives expert and expert witness having testified in the senate. He was a world-class business facility and personnel security expert, he invented and manufactured the world's best and most efficient stainless steel 45 cal automatic, and was a photographer for playboy ... and a whole lot more! A truly remarkable individual with the most amazing life story. He was also a Shaolin grandmaster (one of the hidden ones), both a mysterious, slightly scary ninja type, and a friendly quiet helpful grandpa type. He was not Asian, he was a completely Western Irish guy. He also had the strongest Jedi abilities I've witnessed, which he learned from Mr. Yueng.

He had a giant selection of Scotch whisky, and liked to invite us to Scotch tasting parties, to which people like the head of the TSA and one of the Nixon brothers would go sometimes.

A security expert, Sid helped design and put together high tech security systems for big buildings and companies. He also provided high security for transportation of people or goods to wherever in the world, personally. What he did for fun was walk into some of the most amazing high security places, just to show the owners it could be done, in order to sell them better security systems.

He walked right in to the heart of the Boeing central computer (mainframe) room and took pictures, which he then sent to the president of Boeing. That must have been a shock, because that room is one of the most high security places on Earth. He had all the tricks, from walking through a security door behind someone with a card, to the art of invisibility and affecting peoples thinking and attention. But how he got to that room, with its security requirements, is way beyond me.

Sid did this thing where he would put my Kung Fu brother, Steve, in the doorway to a big practice room where some students were practicing. Then Sid would go down the hall and into another room so Steve could hear him, but the guys in the big room couldn't hear or see him. Then he would tell Steve a name, like Fred, and Fred would fall on his face (there were mats), then say the name Pete, and Pete would flop over, and so on.

The believing of this kind of thing is difficult at first, but if you see enough evidence, eventually it's like “oh yeah, time to get to work”.

Sid had a class where he taught only CIA and 'men in black' (protectors of the elite). Once, a brother and I went to a demo Sid put on and after the show we talked with him. Part of the demo consisted of one of his students, with a real katana, trying to split his head in half while Sid kneeled in front of him. Sid deflected the sword to the side with a small hand signal and a small sound. My buddy asked where he taught the CIA guys and Sid said, "You don't really need to know that do you?" But sometimes, the CIA guys would come to his other class.

Once, after a class, one of my other fellow students went walking home on the sidewalk, and one of the CIA guys was walking about ten feet ahead of him, pushing a bicycle. The agent went around the corner, and a couple of seconds later, when my friend rounded the corner the guy pushing the bicycle was GONE. There was nowhere to hide, no doorways or openings, so my buddy backtracked to look in a doorway he had passed before the corner and there was no agent or bicycle there either. This is just one example of the art of invisibility. By the way, with the art of invisibility, the person actually does not become invisible. It is, however, a form of mind control.

So Sid taught more of the agent types, while his buddy Dave taught more to Special Forces, Navy Seals and others of that type. There were almost never any women in class. Once however, a woman came to one of their joint classes, and there was trouble. Sid was willing to teach a woman but Dave was not. Evidently he had some agreement with his wife, who was very jealous. This art involves a lot of close contact, where when someone tries to hit you, about the time they expect their fist to hit your face they find your face a couple of inches from their face, to the side, with your hands around their neck. Many attackers have a problem with this.

Dave and Sid had a big fight over this, which for people of this caliber consisted of a couple of dirty looks, and a couple of soft spoken words. Then Sid walked out the door, never to return.

Best to not imagine this big fight consisting of dirty looks between Sid and Dave was a mild experience. Getting a dirty look from someone like that can be a harrowing experience, and to have two of the deadliest guys on the planet facing each other in that way caused the stress level among the spectators to go through the roof. Once Mr. Yueng showed me this method. It isn’t easy to piss off such an advanced being, but it can be done. He gave me a look, with neutral face, expressionless, but his eyes conveyed the certain message, "I am going to kill you.” It was a certainty. There was not a bit of doubt as to his intentions and of course his ability. Getting this look from a little old Chinese man like him gave me a serious case of the willies.

Master Sidney Woodcock was a real live, 100%, honest to god, excellent example of a true blue Chinese Wizard. So you see, it isn't always like in the fairytales. In reality they design hypersonic two stage artillery shells, like to have scotch tasting parties, and could be carrying a gun in their back and sometimes also in their front pocket too. Before class, everyone with guns would take them out of their pockets and put them on one of the benches. There were usually around si or eight people in class.

Sid always wore baggy old faded bluejeans, and usually a Levi long sleeve shirt to match.

Once, Sid was talking to two guys who were standing in front of him, there was one guy to his side, and there was another, standing behind him, taking a picture. The guy standing to the side decided to sucker punch Sid in the ribs with no warning. At this same moment, the guy standing in back took the picture. In the picture you could see Sid was still turned towards and looking at the two in front of him but his arms were off to the side with the attacker's arm between his. You could see the bones sticking out of the other's arm where it was broken, and the two guys standing in front hadn't even noticed it at the moment the picture was snapped.

When Sid was a teenager living in Small Town, Idaho (not far from Road Narrows, Montana) he heard of a martial arts master who lived a few houses down his street. So he went and knocked on the door and was let in. They roughed him up a bit and then threw him out the door. He came back a couple of weeks later, so this time they broke his arm and threw him out the door. The third time he jumped into the house through one of the windows, which was closed. That time they let him stay. The master was the head of one of the Japanese Jutsus. Sid stayed with him for some years and one day the master wrote something in ink on the lapel of his white top (I forgot the name of those Japanese tops). This master had two sons who had stayed in Japan, and he was separated from them during the Second World War. Later, when the war ended, he died. The two brothers in Japan were always fighting and squabbling about who was the head master of the lineage, when all of a sudden, once upon a time, Sid went to visit them … and the rest is history. It turned out that the writing on the lapel of his jacket said that Sid was the master of the lineage. Well the brothers didn’t like that one bit, so they challenged him to fights. Sid mopped the floor with the two brothers and put them in their place.

There was a guy in Seattle who built a big new shiny high rise office building, complete with nice security system. Sid wrote to the guy and said if he got him a coffee and a newspaper on Sunday morning he’d show him how to break into his building. So Sunday, after their coffee they went to the building, Sid folded a sheet of newspaper and slid it under the front door and the door unlocked. That's because there was a laser switch buried in the floor on the other side which was meant to keep people from getting trapped inside the building when the doors were locked.

Sid would do this thing in class where he’d have one of the students stand still in the middle of the room. Sid would then stand around fifteen feet away and try to move the student with mind control, while the other students watched. Usually you could see the person move but it was very little. He did it to me too. I couldn’t feel myself move but the others saw it. Later I had some insight that this ability to move people with mind instead of hands is embedded in our system, and it derives from one of the meditation exercises Mr. Yueng had given us. I had practiced it but I didn’t take it very far, and certainly not in the direction a couple of my Kung Fu brothers did. They used it to develop some powerful Jedi abilities, but I missed that boat. I practiced my newly discovered technique a little and then tried it out on Sid. I was designing a home built airplane at the time and Sid was a pilot, so once while the other guys were practicing I was watching with him and telling him about my design. He was standing about a foot and a half away and we were facing at a forty five degree angle to each other. I used my technique to try to move his head off in the direction away from me, and the next thing I knew, my head moved two feet off to the side away from him, followed by my body of course. So he had felt what I was trying to do, and turned it around and did it to me instead. The thing is that before he previously used to just move us a teeny amount, but this time he moved me two feet, which demonstrates that principle of the internal arts, which is that the master decides to show you more once you show him that you’ve been a good student.

Once, before class started, and after the greeting, I was standing in front of Sid. I saw he was staring into my eyes and I felt some energy moving in my head. I asked what he was doing and he explained I had more energy on one side of my head than the other and so he was balancing it out.

This shows some of the abilities of a real wizard. He can see your energy and know what is going on, without needing to feel it with his hands. He can then correct energy imbalances and do other healing work … all with his mind, no hands involved. He would sometimes use his hands to send energy when you weren’t looking, to see if you noticed. And it was his hands he used to push some guy through a concrete block wall.

He used a technique which would trigger primal fear in an attacker … it would trigger, in an extreme way, whatever phobia a person had about animals. As the person was about to hit him he would make a subtle face of some kind and an odd sound, triggers of the subconscious. Possibly it included some form of mind control as well. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he could see what a person's phobia was and actually tailor the technique for that individual. Once he demonstrated this onDave Harris, who is quite a fearless person. When Dave tried to punch him, he made the small sound, and Dave went running out the door, convinced a pack of dogs was about to leap on him (he had a problem with dogs). When Andy tried to punch him, he saw a big grizzly bear about to swat him, went running under a table, and wet his pants. Scared the piss out of him.

These are things I was told by Andy before I started with Sid. Sid gave us the opportunity to learn this technique a couple of times in class, and when it was my turn to punch him he just made a bit of a mousy face and a small sound like “oooo," nothing. I didn't see or feel anything. Next week same thing. The other beginners said they didn't feel much either. So I figured he was screwing with me, and quit going to class. Later, I realized the reason he didn't do anything is because even though I went running up to him, I didn't follow through with the punch as I reached him. There’s no doubt he knew this a mile away. Typically when you attack a fellow student or teacher they have their hands up and are ready to do their technique, but Sid was just standing there with his arms down, and I didn't really want to hit the nice old man, you know? After I realized this, I got pissed off, more at myself, and told myself I was going to go back and knock the sucker on his ass. But I never got the opportunity. I figured this technique out anyway, but never have had a chance to practice it on someone. Sid was eighty-eight and he stopped teaching for a time. Earlier he’d had knee surgery, and he went back to get another operation on his knee to remove scar tissue. After the operation he was bed-ridden for awhile. He had two of my students go to his house to begin training in the way of secret agents, and then he died. He died of a gun shot to the head. It was suicide, or apparent suicide. He simply left a note on the bed, which said he wanted to see what it was like on the other side.

From the book - A Lineage of Dragons


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