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Masters of the Way - Trolling for Muggers

Updated: Jun 5

Dave and Sid were both known to engage in this game called ‘Trolling for Muggers.’ You play this game by walking down some dark alleys in the dingy part of the city late at night, and see what shows up. Once you meet the member of the other team, that’s when the sporting event starts. The winner sees to it that the mugger is never able to rob anyone else again. I mean, the mugger asked for it, didn’t they? If someone points a gun at you then they are saying, in plain language, that they are willing to die. So why disappoint them? In class we practiced “gun disarm” methods a fair bit, and this included all kinds of neat tricks to distract the gunman at just the right moment. I’ll share a couple of the methods. The mugger aims a gun at you and says, “give me your wallet,” so you reach in your back pocket as if you’re getting your wallet, but lo and behold, there happens to be a gun in your back pocket. So you take it out and shoot immediately, from the hip. Sid said to always shoot from the hip.

Another way is when the mugger says to give him your wallet, you grab your wallet but then toss it up in the air and a few feet off to the side. While the mugger is engaged in watching the wallet fly through the air, you can easily take his gun, and turn it on him. There are even neat ways to grab the gun and turn it around while the aggressor is still holding it, then you can shoot him in the face with his own finger on the trigger. That way, no fingerprints. Of course these things need to be done rather quickly, before the attacker can regain his balance or resist. I was advised to close eyes and mouth tightly, because when the mugger’s head explodes, you’re going to get drenched in blood and brains. Closing mouth and eyes beforehand prevents getting any virus or infection they might have. Steve Smith was also a student of Sid’s, and he taught me some disarm methods too. One of our goals was to see how far away a gunman can be from you whereby you can still take his gun away from him. The best that can be done in this scenario is about seven feet. It is not so difficult to take a gun away from someone when they are up to two meters away. I kind of like the techniques where the gunman is behind you with a gun at your back, and you can turn around in such a way that he ends up leaning back, out of balance, and pointing his own gun at his own face. Surprised to say the least! At this point it doesn’t take any real force to remove the gun from their hand.

From the book - A Lineage of Dragons


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