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Survived the Culling

Updated: Apr 24

A book report, about my teacher, the Taoist wizard:

Mr Yueng and his story. Very very interesting. It seems that he belonged to a lineage which has survived the "culls"... which is very special.. I read a book on the opium wars. There was an account of an instance where different so called "Taoists" demonstrated their abilities to government officials. That book seemed to suggest that there were many frauds even back then (the 1800s if I remember correctly). If that is so, not only did Mr Yueng's tradition survive the more modern culls, but it was one of only a few that has preserved the real thing.

The beggar clan. Very very interesting. My bet is that that clan must have existed since ancient times. From what I imagine, those kinds of systems and traditions would have been kept very secret even before the 20th century.. so I can understand from what you have written about him that - if it is true (which I am inclined to believe it is) - he was a very special and unique man indeed. Even having read about similar mysterious people before, it is still difficult to fully wrap my head around it. He reminds me of another character that a man Peter Moon writes about - who was also a Chinese wizard of sorts. It sounds to me like the characters you've rubbed your shoulders with are more about the spiritual path. But there is definitely a lot of common ground when it comes to the magical/mystery side of things.

The CIA connection is also very curious. I have heard a lot of things about that organization.. so I'm not surprised to hear that these kinds of people were training in these arts. You didn't have anything bad to say about Sid - so perhaps he was one of the good ones? To be honest I have no idea what's happening with all that secret stuff... but it's interesting to hear more about those kinds of individuals and their involvement in these things.

The "invisibility" skill you mention also correlated with other accounts I have heard of this ability. You said that it's not that the person becomes invisible, rather its a form of mind control. They make you think they aren't there.

All the interesting accounts of things aside, the thing I liked most about the book was your conversation on Taoism. For one thing, you subtly highlight the importance of meditation and the clearing of mind and emotion. It was in the enlightenment chapter. I'll have to go back and read it again. I also really appreciate that you got into some detail regarding the importance of dealing directly with ones core. Of cultivating energy within the core/spine/pole (for lack of a better term) - rather than dealing with isolated areas of the body. That has clarified and highlighted some important things for me. As has your brief discussion of energizing/charging ones belly, heart and head "chakras' - and the different uses they have. I understand from what you've written on those that I need to work with my belly a lot more. Something I already knew but now even more so. The quotes from Chinese classics were also really useful. Taoism, I am sure you will agree, transcends both the east and west. Having lived in China for this long, I can see how certain remnants of it have survived to this day. I also appreciated your mentioning of Virtue and its importance within Taoism. That is another key that is missing from western traditions.

The path of the wizard is the path of truth. Some cant handle it and commit suicide, those that survive are dragons. Yes, more confirmation regarding things. Excellent.. respect..

All in all, a very interesting, pleasant and easy to read book. It has been great company for me these past couple of weeks.


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