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The Hidden Taoist Spiritual Path. How fast paths work.

Updated: Jun 5

I was asked about the path of cultivation that a person needs to take in order to become psychic enough to communicate with the spirit world and/or to see spirits of various kinds.

The goal is to energize your head enough so that it has a big aura around it. This kind of large aura around the head is depicted in the many paintings of enlightened or god like masters from all around the world, for example, Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin, and many more.

The question is, what do you need to do to get a big aura around your head? The answer is simple really, you have a lot of energy in your head in order to have a big aura around your head. To go along with this I need to mention that few people have the right stuff for it. Many people can hardly handle 'real' life, and handling the spirit realm, which makes a persons world much bigger, more interesting, educational, scary, and dangerous, is even harder to handle. It's particularly dangerous to those who are not well grounded and too emotional. Along with this it needs to be mentioned that every gift comes with an equal measure of burden, and getting involved with the spirit realm can be a big burden.

To build energy in your head, of course, requires cultivation meditation exercises which focus on your head. The most universally used exercise which does this is Zen style meditation, which comes to us from the Zen/Chan tradition, which is an offspring of Taoist practices. The problem with Zen is that energy wise it is a very low power technique, and it can take a long time, many decades or lifetimes. This is not all bad, because a slow path is better suited for most people. The most important aspect of the Zazen posture is the hand position, not the leg position.

In Taoism and Hinduism there are some fast paths, which are powerful systems that allow a practitioner to achieve their enlightenment experience in as little as five years, and to see through the veil shortly after that. These kinds of paths area always hidden, the powerful methods they use are hidden, and in fact many people do not even know that such things exist. There is a good reason they are hidden, it's because they are paths of power. Not only do they make a person psychic, but they give people the ability to control others with psychic abilities.

There is a certain sequence of levels that a person needs to go through in order to make the process as fast as possible, and the true fast paths appear to be similar whether they are Taoist or Hindu. For example, the Yoga used by Babaji Nagaraj to become an immortal, which is a Hindu/Indian system, is similar to my system, which is Taoist. This similarity is no doubt due to the common sensical requirements, or processes, that must be used to achieve the goal of having a big aura around your head. Note that the yoga which Babaji offered to the public, Kriya Yoga, is not the kind of method he used for himself to become an enlightened immortal, rather it is what he recommends for the multitudes.

To start off with, the system must include some fairly good strength, stamina, and endurance training, because those things are essential in order to make good progress in chi power cultivation. In Taoism this strength, stamina, and endurance are called Jing - translated as vitality. Good vitality is essential if a person wants to cultivate chi power. This building of vitality is constant, it never ends, because it is like the fuel that is needed to supply the chi motor, and it is one of the reasons that people can go so much further if they start young.

On top of that, the energy work needs to go through certain stages in order to generate the fastest and most efficient progress. The first step is to make the practitioners hands powerful with chi. The student needs to build a big aura around their hands first, and when this is achieved they will be able to project energy from their hands, which others will feel as heat and vibration. The student then becomes able to sense, with their hands, the energy in people and objects, sometimes from a considerable difference. In other words, your hands become kind of like radar antennas for sending and receiving energy. There are many specific chi kung exercises for increasing chi power in the hands.

The reason that we build chi power in our hands first is because then the hands become much more effective tools for building chi power in our body. Having powerful hands makes the chi kung moving exercises much more powerful than if someone with wimpy or no hand energy were to do the same movements, it makes a world of difference.

So the second tier is to build a lot of chi power in your body, to make the aura around your body big and bright. This building of chi power in the body takes a few years, and it goes hand in hand with building chi power in the hands, and the exercising for vitality, in fact all these things are done at the same time. Real nei kung includes strengthening, stretching, energy work, and moving meditation, all done simultaneously. If you don't do all these things simultaneously then you are wasting your time, and wasting time is kind of dumb, because there is so far to go. In addition to this, real nei kung uses high power methods which are unknown to chi kung adepts. Some of these methods have both low and high power versions, and while the low power versions are know to some, they are never used in real nei kung, only the high power versions are used. This is for the sake of efficiency and to save time, of course.

After you have a lot of energy in your body and a lot of power in your hands, THEN you can send energy up to your head in order to create a large and bright aura around your head. Having a lot of chi in your body supplies the energy needed to send a lot of energy to your head. Having powerful hands sees to it that you are successful in sending this strong energy in your body to your head. People who have normal levels of energy in their body, will have very little to send to their heads. If they do not have powerful hands then the hands are but weak tools to use to send any energy to their heads. Therefore, those paths that focus on the head without first doing the ground work, are either slow ineffective paths, or a joke, take your pick.

In addition to all this, an essential aspect of any real nei kung system or spiritual yoga system for that matter, is that the teacher, who obviously will be a highly enlightened and extremely powerful with chi in order to even know and teach this, radiates a lot of energy to the student while they are exercising together, which adds greatly to the student's energy and makes their progress a lot faster compared to someone who would be doing the identical movements without such a teacher. Also, each week, during the sitting meditation which is after the moving exercises, the teacher does more energy work on the student, giving them even more energy in addition to manipulating their energy, akin to energy healing, to get the results they want; sometimes called psychic brain surgery. With these methods it is possible to achieve enlightenment within five years of starting.

This is how the hidden, but guaranteed, fast and powerful spiritual paths work, and there are no exceptions. This is the type of system that you can use to create a big aura around your head, and become psychic enough to see past the veil into the spirit world.

All of these things add up to thousands of techniques. It is important to know all the different methods of energy work in order to get a good understanding of the underlying nature of energy itself, and of all the ways there are to work with it. Knowing all the different ways there are to work with and build energy allows the adept to work on whichever aspect of cultivation they feel needs the most attention at any particular time. This is how real nei kung works. Knowing these things is also a requirement for becoming a chi kung master.


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